Unable to connect LTE possible Bonjour issues>?

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#1 JoeClark » 31.10.2017, 16:35

Hi there,

Before iPhone 7 I was using the older itunes 10+ but still very new version. After iPhone 7 was released iTunes was updated so we have to choice but to update iTunes that will work with iPhone 7. I believe due to this Bonjour issues to connect (not WIFI) by LTE or any 4G or 3G all stopped. They do not want you to use any other streaming sites unless it was theirs (ATT DirectTV, SlingTV, Comcast, AppleTV, ChomeCast... etc). Only DirectTV now works on my iPhone AirVideo (newest version) on my iPhone 7 v 10.2.2 or so and itunes 10.4 or whatever all stopped working through LTE... only WIFI works for AirVideo.. but not LTE or any others...WHY?? Anyone knows of a fix??

Thank you

I did not find the right solution from the internet
References: http://forums.inmethod.com/topic/3245-unable-to-connect-lte-possible-bonjour-issues/

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