Has support for Air Video HD has dried up?

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#1 JoeClark » 06.12.2017, 11:37

Hello all,

Has anyone else had any issues with getting help from the developers? I am a long term user of AV and love it. But over the last few months its been getting very unstable for me. I have been in email contact with one of the team for years and they have always provided great support, then they went quiet, I did receive an email to say they were working on another project and had no time to look at AV any more.
I have raised tickets with the support site, sent logs etc but have not had a single reply. Its getting to the stage where I need to start looking at alternative software. I can't have the server crashing multiple times a day, I have family and friends watching from all over the world and its getting really boring for them to keep sending me msgs every time it goes down.

Please help

Thank you

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References : http://forums.inmethod.com/topic/3549-has-support-for-air-video-hd-has-dried-up/

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