Why is my download speed so slow when i have a good seed/peer ratio?

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#1 JoeClark » 11.10.2017, 16:09

I'm trying to download this torrent when my seed/peer ratio is right now 3.119 and consistently staying at that however my download speed is 0.1-4kb/s. My steam downloading speed is usually 9-13mb/s. This is happening with many other torrents as well, not just this specific one. At the bottom in the transfer section of utorrent, it says my seeds are 23 of 163 connected (1700) in swarm and peers are 2 of 1863 connected (545) in swarm. Also, my brother's computer which is also attached via ethernet cable, and so am I downloads torrents very quickly but my computer doesn't want to seem to download anything quick at all. Can I get some help?

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https://www.reddit.com/r/torrents/comments/4c/why ... d_speed_so_slow_when_i_have_a/

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