Google Docs/Sheets, good enough to replace MS Word/Excel?

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#1 JoeClark » 22.12.2017, 15:00

Hello all,

I'm looking for some feedback from your members on Google Docs and Sheets as a replacement for Microsoft Word and Excel. I've been using Word and Excel for years and now that I am retired, I'm ready to buy a new computer. However, along with my new computer, I do not want to buy a new version of Microsoft Word and Excel and I'm looking at Google Docs/Sheets since it is free. I'm a bit skeptical of them because it is "free." I've always believed nothing is free in this world so what's the catch to it being free? Have your members done the switch over to Google Docs and Sheets from Microsoft and do they like it? Any pros and cons when comparing the two? I appreciate some feedback.
Thank you

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