Why is 4k important when majority of the Youtube audience can't/won't watch it at that quality?

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#1 JoeClark » 19.12.2017, 08:52

Hello all,

I'm considering purchasing a camera for video and I am preached to to buy 4k. However, I'm not sold on why I need it.

My computer isn't weak, but it struggles to edit 4k (I must use proxies), let alone play it. When I'm on Youtube, rarely will I see 4k videos from most Youtubers, and my computer can't handle it either.

I've heard that with 4k you can export it out to 1080p, you get more quality, etc. etc. But I can't justify investing in an expensive 4k camera for an audience that won't bother to see its fullest potential
Thank you

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