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panasonic fz1000 or canon eos 700d ?

Сообщение #1Добавлено: 19.12.2017, 08:55
Hello all,

I have just taken over the job of doing the weekly news bulletins at my school, they already have the canon eos 700d but wondering weather i should invest in the fz1000. i'am thinking of buying this camera anyway for photographic purposes but wonder weather the fz1000 would be better than the 700d at doing video. i will buy manly just doing short interviews from 2-7 mins and every now and again do some sports shots. they have the. they also have a videomic pro and a velbon sherpa 600r with a PH-157QK head. if there are any cameras that would suit this purpose well and also be in the budget of 400-500 pounds. all feedback greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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