(Stoner Rock/Psychedelic Rock) Wooden Shjips - West (2013)

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Wooden Shjips - West (2013)


Жанр: Stoner Rock/Psychedelic Rock
Страна: USA
Год издания: 2011
Аудиокодек: FLAC
Тип рипа: lossless
Время: 00:37:35 min

Wooden Shjips biography
WOODEN SHJIPS were started off 2003 in San Francisco by Erik 'Ripley' Johnson (guitar, vocals). He had the intention to form a group of non-musicians for the purposes of creating some innovative music. The idea was that untrained players would have a brand new outlook on music and could bring something fresh to the table. Dusty Jermier (bass) originally was recruited to play sax for example, an instrument he'd never picked up before. The band's first incarnation simply had a lack of interest in playing live, they hardly bothered looking for gigs.
When additionally comprising drummer Omar Ahsanuddin and Nash Whalen (organ) they evolved to a more productive lineup and an initial self-released 10 vinyl 'Shrinking Moon For You' came out in 2006. Their self-titled debut album, released by Portland based label Holy Mountain, followed one year later and earned some rave reviews. Simultaneously they also started to offer their music live now.
WOODEN SHJIPS provide rather minimalistic jamming songs which feature a repetitive garage respectively kraut rock behaviour and spacey organ and guitars. The band's discography counts two compilations and several other single productions in the meanwhile. The sophomore full album entitled 'Dos' was released in 2009.

1. Black Smoke Rise - 4:10
2. Crossing - 5:13
3. Lazy Bones - 3:54
4. Home - 6:05
5. Fight - 7:08
6. Looking Out - 5:57
7. Rising - 5:09

Размер: 289.04 Mb

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