What does Google have to do with an Android WiFi connection?

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#1 JoeClark » 10.11.2017, 08:47

Hello all,

So I'm running my N6 as a de-googled Android (Lineage with no gapps), I was going through some settings on my Pi-Hole setup which is always running on my home server and decided to block google.com as I remove google from as much as I can and figured why not. Noticed a minute later my phone lost it's internet connection. Got the connected, with no internet msg. Did a couple of disconnect / reconnect and it didn't resolve. Then thought it may be the change with Pi-hole so I removed the block on google.com and the phone reconnected. So apparently my phone is doing something with Google as far as a connection even without a gapps package in there. Can anybody explain this to me?

Thank you

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