Which Linux Distro?

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#1 JoeClark » 28.11.2017, 14:50

Hi all,

I plan to be getting a Broadwell based Intel NUC to use as an HTPC. I plan to be running OpenElec alongside linux. However, I am not sure which distro is the best. I am right now like deciding between Mint and Ubuntu, as those have been the most popular for a while. What are the advantages of each one? Is there a better distro I should be looking at? All I really need is the ability to stream netflix(i'm told some distros have some issues with this?), Spotify(via the web app), and picture editing via GIMP(or another similar app). T

Thank you.

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References : https://www.theverge.com/2015/3/7/8165747/which-linux-distro

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